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Where The Shadows Lie: First book in the Fire & Ice crime fiction series set in Iceland

Mount Hekla. Iceland’s most active volcano and the medieval “Mouth of Hell”.

Church at Budir


I have written five novels and two novellas in the Magnus Iceland Mysteries series (formerly know as the fire and ice series). These feature my Icelandic-American detective Magnus Jonson.

Here are the novels in order:
1. Where the Shadows Lie
2. 66° North (in the UK) or Far North (in the US)
3. Meltwater
4. Sea of Stone
5. The Wanderer – published September 2018.

There are also two novellas:
Edge of Nowhere
The Polar Bear Killing

All these books are available in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US. Where The Shadows Lie was published in about fifteen European countries, including Germany and France.

Making Magnus is a brief explanation of how I came to create his character. And this interview in the Bookseller, explains why I changed genres from financial thrillers and came to write Where The Shadows Lie."

Ein Interview Auf Deutsch

Some of the nicer things people have said about my novels:

"Ridpath has that read-on factor that sets bestsellers apart"
The Guardian.

"Ridpath's thrillers are remarkable for having their finger on the pulse"
Mail on Sunday.

"Riveting reading"
The Times.

"Taut strongly plotted… provides a rush of blood to the head and stings your page-turning fingertips."

"Magnus Jonson is a complex and totally compelling character"
New York Journal of Books.

"Michael Ridpath is on the war path, trouncing the Scandinavians on their home turf. This is international thriller writing at its best, fine characters, page turning suspense and a great, fresh location."
Peter James.