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The Diplomats Wife

The Diplomat's Wife is published in February 2021.

To love, honour and betray.

1936: Devastated by the death of her beloved brother Hugh, Emma seeks to keep his memory alive by wholeheartedly embracing his dreams of a communist revolution. But when she marries an ambitious diplomat, she must leave her ideals behind and live within the confines of embassy life in Paris and Nazi Berlin. Then one of Hugh's old comrades reappears asking her to report on her philandering husband, and her loyalties are torn.

1979: Emma's grandson, Phil, dreams of a gap-year tour of Cold War Europe, but is nowhere near being able to fund it. So when his beloved grandmother determines to make one last trip to the places she lived as a young diplomatic wife, and to try to solve a mystery that has haunted her since the war, he jumps at the chance to accompany her. But their journey takes them to darker, more dangerous places than either of them could ever have imagined…

What people have said about The Diplomat's Wife.

"'The Diplomat's Wife' takes us on a fast-paced, twisty and hugely enjoyable tour of Europe and its complex history. Emma's dramatic and moving story reminds us of the risk - as well as the rewards - of deciding to shape your own destiny. Michael Ridpath's wonderfully vivid descriptions, colourful characters and thoroughly engaging plot made me want to jump into a two-seater and head for Paris! A real treat." – Sophie Hardach, author of Confession with Blue Horses

"A thrilling journey packed with twists, turns and hidden secrets. A real page-turner." – Kate Ellis, author of the Wesley Peterson series.

"Prewar Europe has rarely been evoked with the skill that Ridpath displays here." – The Financial Times.

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