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Writing in Ice - A Crime Writer's Guide to Iceland  

If you had to choose a new location for a crime series, where would you look? In 2009, Michael Ridpath had to do just that. He chose Iceland, a country of fjords, glaciers and volcanoes, of long, manic summer days and long, sinister winter evenings, a place where everyone is on Facebook and everyone's grandmother has spoken to an elf.

This his account of researching the country: the breathtaking landscape, its vigorous if occasionally odd people, the great heroes and heroines of its sagas, and (of course) those troublesome elves; with a little bit thrown in about how to put together a good detective story. Entertaining and informative, it's a guide to Iceland for the visitor, and a guide to crime writing for the reader.

"A very entertaining book about a crime writer's experience of writing books that take place in Iceland. So knowledgeable and humorous, yet kind toward our country's quirkiness."
Lilja Sigurdardóttir, bestselling Icelandic author.

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